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CORE 1000: City on a Hill: American Utopianism in Fiction

Research guide for students in Dr. Ruben Rosario Rodriguez's Ignite Seminar: City on a Hill: American Utopianism in Fiction (Fall 2023)

In-Class Activity

Your Librarian

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Jamie Emery
Pius XII Memorial Library

Find Secondary Sources

The best place to start your research is SLUth Search Plus. It includes articles published in scholarly journals, magazines, and newspapers as well as books and ebooks. It's multidisciplinary, so you can use it to find credible sources of information on any topic. It includes about 1/4 of the SLU Libraries subscription databases and the SLU Libraries Catalog. 

Learn how to use SLUth Search Plus by watching this short video.

If you're specifically looking for books in the SLU Libraries, you may find that searching the SLU Libraries Catalog is easier than searching SLUth Search Plus. Remember, you don't need to read the whole book to use it! Use the table of contents and index to find relevant chapters!

Learn how to find books on a topic using the SLU Libraries Catalog by watching this short video.

Cite Your Sources

CORE 1000: Ignite Seminar Library Research Tutorial