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ENGL 4670 / AAS 4930 / WGST 4930: Contemporary Postcolonial Literature & Culture: Women Writers in Eastern Africa

Research guide for students in Dr. Joya Uraizee's ENGL 4670 / AAS 4930 / WGST 4930 course, Fall 2023.

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Jamie Emery
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Recommended Readings

Find Scholarly Sources

Some databases will include the full-text of articles, but others will include the Find it @ SLU button which links to full-text when available and if not available, gives you the option to request articles for free through Interlibrary Loan's ILLiad service.

Keep track: Keep a list of the databases and search terms you used, that way you'll know what you already tried and where you had success! 

Quotation marks: “Dragonfly Sea” searches for the phrase Dragonfly Sea. Searching without quotation marks will search for Dragonfly and Sea anywhere in the record..

Asterisk: Africa* searches for Africa, African, Africans, Africanisms, etc.

Question mark: wom?n searches for women and woman

Use the MLA International Bibliography Like a Pro

The MLA International Bibliography offers many specialized search options, including the following. 

Browse Authors (Quickly find all of the articles in MLA that are about a specific author.)

  • example: Owuor, Yvonne Adhiambo

Browse Works (Quickly find all of the articles in MLA that are about a specific work.)

  • example: The Dragonfly Sea

MLA Thesaurus (Use to find articles in MLA about a specific subject, literary technique, etc.)

  • examples: sea, see imagery, sea voyage, ocean imagery, Indian Ocean, etc.

Cite Your Sources