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HIST 1120-05 & HIST 1120-10: Origins of the Modern World (1500-Present) (Parker)

Library resources and information for students in HIST 1120-05 and HIST 1120-10: Origins of the Modern World (1500-Present), Spring 2022, Professor: Dr. Charles Parker.

Introduction to Scholarship as Conversation

How do we identify conversations? Citation!

The Basics - Backward and Forward Citation

Small Group Activity

Imagine that you have walked in late to a conversation among historians and need to quickly ascertain what's going on so that you can join in. The following sources are elements of the conversation and your clues as to what the participants have been discussing.

Scan (and search within) each source to determine the answers to the following questions, which are also listed on your paper activity sheet.

Question for each source:

  1. What kind of source is this? Monograph, journal article, or book review? How do you know?

Additional question and activity:

  1. In what ways are the authors of these sources in conversation with each other? List every connection you can!
  2. Draw a map that illustrates these connections. It can be in any style, it just needs to make sense to you. 

How to Find Sources in Conversation with Each Other