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HIST 2280: The Historian's Craft

Library resources and information for students in HIST 2280: The Historian's Craft, Spring 2021. Professor: Dr. Fabien Montcher.

Find Background Information

Find Scholarly Secondary Sources

Search for peer-reviewed secondary sources (journal articles and books) using SLUth Search Plus. It searches more than 100 library databases, including several history databases (Historical Abstracts, America: History & Life, JSTOR, Project Muse, Bibliography of Asian Studies) and the SLU Libraries Catalog.

Learn how to use SLUth Search Plus by watching this short video.

Note: Two of the databases in this list, the International Medieval Bibliography and Iter Bibliography, are not included in SLUth Search Plus. They have to be searched separately.

If you're looking specifically for books and ebooks, you might prefer using the Saint Louis University Libraries' Catalog.

Look for books published by university presses and scholarly associations, written by authors with degrees and credentials in the field. Scholarly or academic books will also cite their sources and will have a lengthy list of references.

Learn how to find books on a topic using the SLU Libraries Catalog by watching this short video.

What are Primary Sources?

Source: University of Illinois History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library - Tutorial Transcript

Link for Close Reading Activity

Find Primary Sources

You can find primary sources in the SLU Libraries by searching the SLU Libraries Catalog by searching for a specific title, author, or by keyword or subject. 

Words that describe primary sources in Library of Congress subjects in the catalog include: correspondence, diaries, sources, interviews, letters, documents, writings, etc.