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Citing Company & Industry Information: APA Style

A guide to creating proper citations in APA style for some typical business resources.

Why Are Citations Necessary?

An important part of academic honesty is giving proper credit to information sources that you use.  By including citations, you tell your reader where to find the original information.  Several conventions or citation styles exist, but business students are frequently asked to use APA style. 

This guide provides sample citations in APA format for several of the business information sources you are likely to encounter.

Basic Format

In general, APA-style citations for business information found in an electronic database will appear in the Reference List with this format:

Information Provider.  (Date of report).  Report title.  Retrieved date from Database name.

See example citations on the various tabs of this guide.  For even more examples, you may wish to consult the Purdue OWL APA Formatting and Style Guide.

APA Manual

Although this guide is intended to help you create correct citations for common business information sources, it cannot be all-inclusive.  The APA Manual is the definitive source to this citation style.

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