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AI Tools for searching

a few tools that might be used to help you with research

Notes regarding using AI

Please remember:

 1) NO AI tool is directly connected to the Internet.  Yes most tools you access via the Internet, but the script itself is not directly connected with the Internet.

 2) AI can NOT look past a paywall (journal / database site) OR a firewall (private organization).  

 3) All AI has some bias 

 4) AI generated information is not reproducible

 5) You need to evaluate your results - are they accurate? what is the source? Is it using information that is copyrighted?  Is it plagiarising a source? 

 6 ) All AI is subject to what it finds.  The actual papers may have been retracted, or from a predatory publisher, or from a preprint.

7) What is AI doing with your data - some LLMs keep track of your search, but is it keeping your email, your IP address/network, other data?