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SE 1700/CORE 1000: Engineering Fundamentals


SE 1700: Engineering Fundamentals
Library Research Process


  • Take your topic/design and break into a research question. Need help? Think about who, what, when, where, why and/or how.
  • Determine what information you are looking for. You are looking for evidence from experts. Do you need a particular format such as a scientific journal article or a patent?
  • Go to where this information can be found. For example, library databases for journal articles or Google Patents for patents.
  • Search for evidence. For example, search for evidence in scientific journal articles or patents.
  • Refine/adjust your search as needed to find the most relevant, recent, and high-quality evidence.
  • Read the evidence and make decisions about your project design based on what you found.
  • Cite any material you use by using the IEEE citation style.

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