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Art History

Art History Library Research Guide

Art History Library Research Guide

Welcome!  This guide is here to help you get started with your research on topics in art history. This main page will describe some basics on starting your research. 

  • The section on Reference Sources will recommend some very good starting places for your research. This is a great step if you are not entirely familiar with your topic. They will give brief overviews of your topic and recommended books and articles to read. 
  • The section on Books has some advice on how to search for books in our collection. 
  • The section on Articles will make some recommendations on where to search for articles on topics in art history. 
  • The Call Numbers section briefly describes the different call numbers we use for organizing physical materials in the library and where to find those items. 

Essential Resources

The following resources are the most used ones for conducting research on topics in art history. This is a good way to get started. The additional tabs located on the side of this guide will offer many more resources and directions if you need to find more, or want to conduct broader and more thorough searches.