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Finding Journal Articles on the Bible

Finding articles on specific passages of the Bible


To find articles that address a certain verse or passage, limit to SC Scripture Citation using the drop down menu. 

Finding Journal Articles on Biblical books in General

You can do a subject specific search in the ATLA Religion Database by selecting "Subjects" to the right of the search box (where it says "Select a Field) on the Advanced Search screen.  However, the subject headings (which must be precise) are not always readily apparent.  Therefore, it is recommended that you browse the subject index following the steps below.

1. Repeat steps 1 and 2 as above, but select "Subjects All" as the index to search.

2. For articles about various topics relating to specific books of the Bible, enter the search in the "Browse for" box in the format below (without the brackets).

Bible . [name of book]  (N.B. there must be a space before and after the period after "Bible")

You will see a long list of entries with various sub-headings from which you  may select.  Some typical entries are listed below to illustrate the kind of heading you will see.

Bible . [name of book]--criticism, interpretation (often used for articles dealing either with the general interpretation or with aspects of the interpretation of a book)

Bible . [name of book]--theology

Some subject headings relate to specific approaches to interpreting a book of the Bible.

Bible . [name of book]--criticism, feminist

Bible . [name of book]--criticism, literary

Bible . [name of book]--criticism, social scientific

For assistance with Subject searches, please contact the Theology Research Librarian