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Vincent C. Immel Law Library Student Assistant's Guide to Catalog Training

Answering Questions

During your time at the Circulation Desk, you will be asked a variety of questions. Sometimes you will have the answer and other times you will need to send the patron to see a Reference Librarian. Below are some examples of when you can help and when to send a patron to the Reference Desk.

Questions you can answer:

  • If we have a specific book or journal in our collection
  • If a professor has a specific item on Reserve
  • How to request an item from another library

When to send the patron to a Reference Librarian:

  • If a patron is looking for material on a subject such as health law
  • Cases or ordinances
  • How to cite material

Also, keep in mind the information the patron has may not be correct. Google and Amazon can be helpful in the spelling of author names and finding accurate titles and ISBN numbers. You can also ask to see a syllabus if a student is looking for a book on reserve. 

If you are unsure you can always ask Matthew, LeAnn, or Yael and we will be happy to help.