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Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL)

  • EBSCOhost product
  • Subscription Only
  • Covers all nursing journals--peer reviewed and non-peer-reviewed
  • Good for:
    • Research Articles
    • Peer Reviewed Journals
    • Types of Studies
  • Can utilize basic keyword search techniques as well as Subject Headings.
  • Use Basic or Advanced Search and Search History to build search; use Advanced Search to add filters (such as English Language and Health Promotion or research subsets!).
  • Can format references in APA--but be aware for errors.
  • Hints:
    • Limit Results: Peer-Reviewed, Research, English
    • Do NOT use the “Full Text” limit
    • Use the Cite feature to format reference in APA but edit!
    • Tip for finding Health Behavior Theory/Model for assignment: use the CINAHL heading (MH "Models, Theoretical+") or you can use the keyword string (model OR theory OR theoretical).
    • Results default to newest first.

Image of Keyword CINAHL search