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NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy

Plan Approval

  • DMS Plans will be reviewed and assessed by NIH program staff, not by peer reviewers, so plans will not factor into the Overall Impact score of the application. ​

  • Peer reviewers may provide comments on the reasonableness of the budget but these comments will not impact the score. Peer reviewers will only use the information found in the budget justification to determine whether the requested Data Management and Sharing Costs are reasonable and will not be provided with the separate DMS Plan attachment.​

  • NIH staff at the proposed NIH Institute or Center will determine if recommended DMS Plan elements are reasonably addressed, and applications will only be funded if the DMS Plan is found to be acceptable.  ​

  • If there are any concerns with the submitted DMS Plan, NIH staff may request additional information or modifications to the DMS Plan prior to award through the standard Just-in-Time process.​