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CORE 1000: Planning the American City

For students in CORE 1000: Planning the American City with Professor Bob Lewis.

This course page was created for CORE 1000: Planning the American City with Professor Bob Lewis in Spring 2024.This is just a selection of sources that may be useful to you in this course. Contact your course librarian (Rebecca Hyde) with questions or to make an appointment for an in depth research consultation. For quick and/or general questions you can also use our 24/5 chat assistance to get help with your research!

Useful Resources for Class Projects

Use SLUth to search for information on your urban planner. You may also find academic articles related to your city.

The Digital Public Library may have historical images for both your biography project & your community profile.

Use newspapers to find information about your city (including historical information) and to potentially find information about your planner.

Use the following sources to find socioeconomic statistics about your city.

Tip for Searching on the Web

For Urban Planner Biographies: If you search the web for your planners name and "papers" on the web you are likely to find the library of cultural institution that holds their papers along with digitized primary source content that may help you. I encourage you to try searching for your planner both with and without the word papers in your search so you can see the difference.

For Community Profiles: When searching for information about your city, try using the search engine below which is specifically for government sites.