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CORE 1000: Mexico, Migrations & Missouri

A research guide focused on finding historical primary sources about key figures & organizations in Missouri's history

Library Sources for Primary Sources

  • 19th Century U.S. Newspapers
    • 19th Century newspapers from cities and rural areas throughout the United States... moreSubscription Database


  • AAS Historical Periodicals Collection
    • Provides digital access to 50 thematic series of American magazines and journals published between 1684 and 1912 and collected by the American Antiquarian Society...moreSubscription Database


  • Accessible Archives
    • This database brings together diverse primary source materials reflecting broad views across American history and culture from the 1700s and 1800s. Content includes newspapers, magazines, books, and county histories such as African American Newspapers, Godey’s Lady Book, and the Pennsylvania Gazette. Search across all content or select one of the collections....moreSubscription Database


  • AILALink
    • Fully searchable immigration law library containing primary and secondary legal resources... moreSubscription Database


  • American State Papers
    • United States legislative and executive documents, 1789-1838, published in the second to third quarters of the 19th Century....more.Subscription Database


  • American State Papers with U.S. Congressional SerialSet
    • 1789-1977. Search American State Papers and the U.S. Congressional Serial Set at the same time….moreSubscription Database


  • Archives Unbound: All Subscribed Collections
    • Archives Unbound consists of discrete, topically-focused digital collections of historical documents. SLU currently subscribes to seven collections covering aspects of African American history, the Holocaust, and women….moreSubscription Database


  • Catholic News Archive
    • Freely available online. Provides access to thousands of digitized issues of Catholic newspapers, including the St. Louis Review...moreFree Database/Resource


  • Chicago Tribune (ProQuest Historical Newspapers)
    • 1849-1992. Search for and view individual articles in the Chicago Tribune as well as their position on the full page....moreSubscription Database


  • Gale Primary Sources
    • 1600-1925. Platform that allows cross-searching of Nineteenth Century Collections Online,  Nineteenth Century U.S. NewspapersEighteenth Century Collections Online,  The Times Digital ArchiveMaking of Modern Law: Legal Treatises 1800-1926The Making of Modern Law: Trials, 1600-1926The Economist Historical Archive: 1843-2014, and Archives Unbound....moreSubscription Database


  • HeritageQuest Online
    • 1700s-1900s. This database contains American genealogical sources rich in unique primary sources, local and family histories, and finding aids. Available to SLU due to MOREnet membership....moreSubscription Database


  • New York Times (ProQuest Historical Newspapers)
    • Subscription Database

    1851-2017. Provides digital reproductions of every page from every available issue in the date range available. Search the full text and display pdf of article as well as position of article on the original page….more.

  • Nineteenth Century Collections Online
    • 1780-1925. Collection of primary source materials created during the "long nineteenth century" (late 1700s to early 1900s). Includes books, periodicals, diaries, letters, manuscripts, photographs, pamphlets, maps, sheet music, and more….moreSubscription Database


  • ProQuest History Vault
    • Provides access to millions of primary source, full-text/full-image documents on the most widely studied topics in 19th and 20th-century American history. Includes sources related to slavery, civil rights (NAACP papers), women's rights, labor, international relations and military conflicts, Latinx history, and American politics and the Catholic church (John A Ryan papers). Subscription Database


  • ProQuest Trends & Policy: U.S. Immigration
    • 1790-present. A curated primary source collection of U.S. government documents on immigration and border security. Includes text of U.S. immigration laws and other content from the legislative branch, reports and statistics from the executive and judicial branches, and news content for additional information and context. Statistics from many reports are available in CSV and Excel tables to export data or to create and export charts. Subscription Database


  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch (ProQuest Historical Newspapers)
    • 1874-2003. Search the historical St. Louis Post-Dispatch...moreSubscription Database


  • Times Digital Archive, 1785-1985
    • 1785-1985. Search the first 200 years of The Times (London) and display and print page images of individual articles or an entire page....moreSubscription Database


  • U.S. Congressional Serial Set
    • Search reports, documents and journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, 1817-1994 (15th-103rd Congress)….moreSubscription Database