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EndNote Tips

A basic guide for installing, navigating and using EndNote X5, EndNote X6, and EndNote X7. Note: If you share EndNote online folders with colleagues, sharing can be done on EndNote online as usual.

Creating References by Importing PDFs

This is another method to import a pdf of an article and attach it to its bibliographic reference.

New in EndNote X7, not only will EndNote import a signle pdf file or a folder of pdf files, but it can also

  • provide standard names for each imported file - Go to Edit-->Preferences-->PDF Handling to set your preferences for this option
  • automatically import pdf files saved into a designated folder.  You designate which folder in the PDF Handling preferences screen.

EndNote X4, X5, and X6 allows for importing a single pdf file or a folder of pdf files stored on your computer into EndNote.  Bibliographic references will be created for the article(s) and the pdf(s) attached if

  • You have already saved the pdf of the article on your computer and
  •  Each pdf you are importing has a DOI (Digital Object Identifier)  embedded in it.

For more information about the Digital Object Identifier see The DOI System.

Without the DOI, the pdf will be imported, but you will need to type in the bibliographic information for each imported pdf.

How to import one pdf file.

Go to File-->Import-->File

Importing 1 pdf file

An Import File dialog box will open where you must select

  1. the file to be imported
  2. the format of the file - PDF
  3. whether or not you will accept duplicates
  4. the encoding of the file

Import File dialog box

How to import an entire folder of pdf files.

Go to File-->Import-->Folder

Importing a PDF file

Follow the same directions for one file, except select an entire folder in the place of one file.

Next, type the bibliographic information for each imported pdf file without a DOI in its pdf.