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Criminology & Criminal Justice

Background Information -- Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and Other Reference Publications

IMPORTANT! -- Books labeled "Ref" are located on "Reference" sections of shelving on the upstairs floors where the books' call numbers are located.  For example, books labeled "Ref. E" and "Ref. HV" are shelved on Level 2 because that's where the other items with those call numbers are shelved.  The Reference shelving sections are located at the beginning of the call number sequence on each floor.  While these books reside in the stack areas, they remain "library use only."
TIP: Online sources can be searched through their source database (e.g., GVRL, EBSCO, Sage).  However, conducting a title search in the SLU Libraries Catalog is a more direct approach.
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Note: See also update volumes -- Ref. HV 6431 .E53 2003 Vols.1-2. Vol.1 (edited by F. Shanty & R. Picquet) covers 1996-2002 and Vol.2 (edited by J. Lalla) includes documents.
Cullen, F.T., Jonson, S.L., Myer, A.J., & Adler, F. (Eds.). (2011). The origins of American criminology: Advances in criminological theory. New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Publishers.
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