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Criminology & Criminal Justice

Catalog Search Tips

The SLU Libraries Catalog consists of the holdings of all of the Saint Louis University libraries.  It is part of MOBIUS, a consortium of 70+ mostly academic libraries in Missouri with its own shared catalog.  And MOBIUS has partnered with the Prospector consortium of Colorado and Wyoming libraries to make many more resources available.  To look for a book, begin the search in the SLU Libraries Catalog. 

  • If the book is owned by Pius and currently available, it should be at the shelf location identified by its call number. If the book is unavailable at Pius but can be found at another SLU library, use the Catalog's Request feature to borrow it from that other SLU Library (you also can go and check it out yourself from these libraries).
  • If the book is unavailable from a SLU Library, then use the Search MOBIUS feature to search the MOBIUS Catalog and make a request to borrow the book that way.
  • If the book is also unavailable via MOBIUS, then use the Prospector feature  to search the Prospector Catalog and make a request to borrow the book that way.
  • Finally, if the book is unavailable from both the SLU Libraries and MOBIUS, place an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) request for it through the ILLIAD system. [Note: All requests for journal articles should be placed through ILL.]
TUTORIAL:Find Books on a Topic with the SLU Libraries Catalog
Click here to view this online tutorial on Catalog search basics.
  • See Help Center on searching the SLU Libraries Catalog
  • The Saint Louis University Law Library in Scott Hall contains legal encyclopedias, indexes to the contents of legal periodicals, books and other materials relevant to the study of criminal justice.
  • The SLU Locust Street Library Facility (LSLF) holds valuable but less frequently used material in a high-density, climate-controlled, and closed-stack environment. The Facility houses over 500,000 volumes. Each item appears in the SLU Libraries Catalog with the location “Locust Street Facility.”  Collections at the Locust Street Library Facility include:
  • Most bound journals published before 2000, and journals that are no longer received in print
  • Government Documents
  • Law treatises
  • SLU theses and dissertations
  • Second or third copies of monographs‚Äč

Request books, government documents, individual journal volumes, or other items using the REQUEST button in the SLU Libraries Catalog.  Books will be delivered to the SLU library of your choice for pickup, usually within 24 hours, Monday-Friday. You will receive an email at your SLU email address when the item is ready for pickup or use in the library.