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Aerospace Engineering

This guide identifies resources for Aerospace Engineering found in Pius XII Memorial Library and on the Web.

Books and eBooks

Looking for Aerospace Engineering specific books and ebooks? Below are some recent books we have added to the library catalog.

Other good Aerospace Engineering specific books and ebooks can be found by going to the catalog on the library homepage. Here are the steps to find them:

  • Go to
  • Scroll down and click the Books tab
  • Choose whether to search by Keyword, Subject, or Title and by Media (All media, Print Books, ebooks, videos, CDs)
  • Type in your term or terms
  • Click Search
  • If it is a print book, write down the call number and find the book in the library. If it is an ebook, follow the link to get full text. Don't know what a call number is or where to go in the library? More information on that can be found HERE