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ACS Guide to Scholarly Communications

The ACS Guide to Scholarly Communications

From the American Chemical Society:

"The ACS Guide to Scholarly Communication provides students, researchers, educators, and librarians with the instruction and advice they need to master the art of scholarly communication. The new Guide covers all instructions from previous editions of The ACS Style Guide - completely updated and modernized - as well as a wealth of brand new chapters covering everything from preprints, Open Access, machine-readable data, and much more.

Given the rapidly changing publishing landscape, the new ACS Guide to Scholarly Communication is a digital publication which will be regularly updated. New topics will be added to:

  1. Expand scientific communication beyond the scientific journal, including patents, communicating science to the public, and communicating science to decision-makers;
  2. Expand data conventions beyond chemistry; and
  3. Broaden our reach beyond ethics in scientific publications to ethics in scientific research."

ACS Style Guide

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