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ENGL 3740: Literature and Medicine (2023) - "In the Pandemic Time"

Library resources and information for students in ENGL 3740-01:Literature and Medicine (2023) - "In the Pandemic Time." Spring 2023. Professor: Dr. Vincent Casaregola.

Find Primary Sources

You may also want to browse and search the following literary journals with a medical focus.

Note: Most of the streaming video databases below contain both primary and secondary sources. 

Find Secondary Sources

SLUth includes articles published in scholarly journals, magazines, and newspapers as well as books, and ebooks. It's very multidisciplinary in scope, so you can use it to find credible sources of information on any topic. It includes about 100 of the SLU Libraries 400 (or so) subscription databases and the SLU Libraries Catalog. 

If you're specifically looking for books in the SLU Libraries, you may find that searching the SLU Libraries Catalog is easier than searching SLUth Search Plus. You may also want to expand your search to include the holdings of MOBIUS libraries.

Cite Your Sources