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THEO 1600 God Talk

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Call number ranges

Below are a few call number ranges that might be helpful for browsing related subjects. 

B 1-5739 Philosophy 
BD 10-701 Speculative Philosophy 
BJ 118-1295 Religious Ethics
BL 70-71 Sacred Books (General) 
BM 1-990 Judaism 
BP 1-610 Islam, B'hai 
BQ 1-9800 Buddhism
BR 1-1725 Christianity 
BS 1-2970 The Bible 
BT595-680  Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ. Mariology 
BT650-660  Mary- Miracles. Apparitions. Shrines, sanctuaries, images, processions, etc. 
BV150-168  Christian symbols and symbolism
BV895-896  Shrines. Holy places 
BX 1-9999 Christian Denominations
BX2315-2324  Relics. Shrines. Pilgrimages. Processions
BX2325-2333  Saints. Hagiology
BX4650-4705  Biography and portraits