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CORE 1000: An Ignatian Approach to Transformative Leadership

For students in the Fall 2022 CORE 1000: An Ignatian Approach to Transformative Leadership with Dr. Fred Pestello.

This course page was created for CORE 1000: An Ignatian Approach to Transformative Leadership, with Dr. Fred Pestello in Fall 2022.This is just a selection of sources that may be useful to you in this course. Contact your course librarian (Rebecca Hyde) with questions or to make an appointment for an in depth research consultation. For quick and/or general questions you can also use our 24/5 chat assistance to get help with your research!


These resources are specifically focused on universities and higher education, including student newspapers. These may be good sources for identifying an event/incident, and finding sources written for higher education professionals or a student audience.

While some stories end up getting coverage in national newspapers, you're much more likely to find them covered in news sources local to the University. Here is a selection of local St. Louis news sources. Is there anything you notice missing from this list? Where might you look to identify local media sources for other cities?

APA Citation Resources