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CORE 1000: The Constitution and You

This course page was created for CORE 1000: The Constitution and You with Professor Dyan McGuire in Fall 2023. Contact your class librarian (Rebecca Hyde) with any question or to make an appointment for an in depth research consultation. For quick and/or general questions you can also use our 24/5 chat assistance to get help with your research! Don't forget, if you've been researching for 30 minutes and are getting anywhere, stop what you're doing and ask for help!

Finding Books

Books can be useful sources for in-depth treatment of a topic, as well as background information. If you need additional books not available at SLU, Missouri's MOBIUS catalog provides access to many more books which generally take 5-10 days to arrive after requested.

Articles & Legal Research

Start your search for scholarly articles and law review articles with these databases. NexisUni will be especially useful for this class, and SLUth Search Plus is likely to be where you want to start your research for most classes.

Additional Useful Materials

We won't be covering these in class, but they may contain additional useful information for your arguments. Try these if you're not finding enough information, or consider assigning one group member to look for articles in each database.