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PLS 2000: Introduction to Legal Research & Writing

Top Legal Resources for this Class

Resources for the Oral Advocacy Assigment

Use or GovTrack to identify a bill for this assignment, and to read the summary and bill text, and to see where in the legislative process the bill is.

Use the sources below (or Nexis Uni or other online news sources) to find arguments for and against passage of the bill. Remember to try searching separately for the common name of the bill, the bill number, and/or the topic of the bill.

Don't forget to look up the source of your articles (either news sites, newspapers, or think tanks) on Media Bias/Fact Check.

Think Tanks for Oral Advocacy Assignment

Think tanks are organizations that research and advocate for public policy related to their organizations mission. These organizations are usually non-partisan (not aligned with a specific political party) but that doesn't mean they are neutral. The think tanks listed below may have useful reports or opinion pieces for your oral advocacy project. While all of these organizations are generally well respected, you should still look them up on Media Bias/Fact Check.