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overview - tool for screening reviews

What is Rayyan?

Rayyan is a tool that can be used to accelerate your review.

Please use the Enterprise license to sign into Rayyan 

If you get a 403 error, please contact ITS

Rayyan help

Getting Started

You will need to import abstracts from a database or citation manager.  

You can work with a liaison librarian to do this.

see also uploading references

Overview of features

1) You can set up inclusion/exclusion criteria - you can include labels for inclusion and reasons for exclusion

2) You can de-duplicate references - it is better to do this in a citation manager first, then do it in Rayyan afterward

3) You can set up blinding

4) You can invite colleagues from anywhere to be a reviewer

5) After 50 articles reviewed- Rayyan uses AI/Machine Language/Natural language processing to predict if the next article will fit your criteria