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ISTD 4800: Capstone Seminar in International Studies

This course page was created for ISTD 4800: Capstone Seminar in International Studies. This is just a selection of sources that may be useful to you in this course. Contact your International Studies Librarian (Rebecca Hyde) with a question or to make an appointment for an in-depth research consultation. For quick and/or general questions you can contact Rebecca or use our 24/5 chat assistance to get help with your research!

Background & Country Information

Finding Scholarly Sources & Policy Papers

Some databases will include the full-text of articles, but others will include the  button which links to full-text when available and if not available, gives you the option to request articles for free through Interlibrary Loan's Illiad service.

  • Keep track: Keep a list of the databases and search terms you used, that way you'll know what you already tried and where you had success! 

  • Quotation marks: “Arab Spring” searches for the phrase Arab Spring. Searching without quotation marks will search for Arab and Spring anywhere in the record.

  • Asterisk: democra* searches for democracy, democratic, democratization, etc.

  • Question mark: wom?n searches for women and woman

  • Save what you find: Use a citation management software (like EndNote or Zotero) or other method that works for you to keep track of articles and books you find.

  • Trace the Literature: Use an article’s reference list to find additional articles & use a citation database/index (like Web of Science or Google Scholar) to find a list of more recent articles that have cited a given article.

Citation Management & APA Style

Statistics & Data