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Patristics/Early Church History

This guide identifies resources on patristics and early church history found in Pius XII Memorial Library. The guide is intended for use by both beginning or advanced graduate students and faculty.

Full Text Databases

Archive of Celtic-Latin Literature.  Medieval Latin works from the Celtic periphery of Europe (e.g., Ireland, Wales, Scotland); complements Library of Latin Texts (above). Click "Enter Databases" button on the Brepols Web site, scroll down to ACLL icon. Contains over 400 works of Celtic-Latin literature (i.e., from Ireland, Wales, Brittany, Cornwall, and Scotland) of the patristic and medieval periods (ca. 400 A.D. - 1200 A.D.).

Corpus Augustinianum GissenseFull-text database of the complete corpus of Augustine.  Also contains an searchable, comprehensive bibliography of secondary sources on Augustine.

Library of Latin Texts.  A full-text database of modern critical editions of Latin classical, patristic, and medieval Christian writers including the entire corpus of ancient Latin literature up to the second century A.D.  The database also contains a significant amount of Neo-Latin Literature (after 1500) including decrees from modern ecumenical councils up to Vatican II and sixteenth century translations into Latin of important medieval works.  The majority of the editions are from Corpus Christianorum but other sources drawn upon include Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiastorum Latinorum, Sources Chretiennes, Migne’s Patrologias Cursus Completus: Series Prima, Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Acta Sanctorum and other miscellaneous texts.  Also contains the text of the 1975 Stuttgart edition of the Vulgate and texts of selected Latin Old Testament pseudepigrapha drawn from various sources.

Loeb Classical Library.  Contains the full-text of all volumes published in the Loeb series, including Greek or Latin text with English translation on the facing page.

Patrologia Latina Database.  Complete text (including apparatus) of Migne's Patrologia Cursus Completus:  Series Prima.

Thesaurus Linguae Graecae.  Full text database of classical, patristic and medieval Greek literature.