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Archives & Digital Services

Access Guidelines

All users of the Archives and Rare Books reading room must sign in and register before using materials. On each subsequent visit, users must sign in, but do not need to re-register. To register, a patron must present a Saint Louis University ID or other valid photo ID and complete a patron registration and user agreement. Materials may not be removed from the reading room and while in use they are the responsibility of patrons until they are returned. Patrons agree to the follow conditions of use:

  • Coats, bags, and umbrellas must be stored in the lockers located near the entrance of the Saint Louis Room. Only a notebook, laptop computer, and pencil may be used alongside archival materials.
  • No food or drink, including bottled water, is allowed in the Saint Louis Room.
  • Please use pencils only. No pens or ink may be used near the materials.
  • Handle all items with care. Use foam supports with bound materials, turn pages carefully, make no marks on the materials, and do not lean or rest books or other objects on them.
  • Only one archival box at a time may be used without special permission.
  • Do not rearrange the order of unbound materials or leave multiple folders open at once.
  • If a copy is required, please consult a staff member to determine the most appropriate form of reproduction for the format and condition of the material.
  • The use of personal digital cameras is permitted, but patrons must follow the Policy for Use of Hand-Held Digital Cameras. Please consult with a staff member before using your camera.
  • When finished with materials, please inform a staff member.