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Free Websites for Federal and State Legal Information

Free websites providing legal information

Missouri Resources

1. - provides select Missouri Circuit Courts’ dockets available online.  The site provides,       party names, attorneys, charges, and the status of a case.  It is not the easiest site to use as it has limited search capabilities.


2.   How a bill becomes law - from the Missouri Senate, tells the steps of how a bill becomes a law in Missouri.


3.   Missouri Revised Statues - searchable version of the Missouri Revised Statutes. Check the dates on       the page, not annotated, has link to a popular names table.

4.   Missouri Court System -  links to the courts of Missouri, Supreme, Appellate, District, and the Municipal Courts.  Has link to       representing yourself which includes forms. In addition you can find opinions, court rules, juror information, and the Missouri Sentencing       Commission.


5.   Missouri House of Representatives - links to Missouri House, statutes, committees, legislation, and bill information.


6.   Missouri Senate,  links to legislation, senate committees, bills, and other useful information.


7.   Missouri’s administrative rules -  from the Secretary of State, has State Code of Regulations, the Missouri       Register, Emergency Rules, and the Rule Making Manual.


8.   Missouri’s Constitution -  searchable version of the Constitution.

9.   Attorney General Missouri Sunshine Law information page,