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Treaty Research Basics

Indexes: Find a treaty citation

Both the United Nations Treaty Collection and the Hein Online World Treaty Library (WLT), discussed in the boxes to the left, include indexing tools and textual collections for treaties. The WLT brings together seven leading indexes to historical and current treaties. 

The sources listed below provide useful indexing for treaties, with citations to published sources for treaty texts.

It is often useful to consult a relevant legal journal article or other secondary source as a way of identifying and finding citations to international agreements. See the box "Starting points for international legal research" on the Home tab to this guide.

General searching on Google or other search engines can be a useful way to locate treaty information, including legal citations. As with domestic legal research, results of Internet searches for international legal information must be evaluated for accuracy, currency and authenticity, given the source of the information.


Historical Treaties

To identify and locate world historical treaties, the sources linked below may be helpful.