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How to Create Stable URLs

Instructions or links to instructions explaining how to create durable links to journals and articles by source, i.e. database, ejournal collection, and ebook.

Creating Article Level Links in Journals @ Ovid

Search for your article in Journals @ Ovid, then click on the title link.  The result is a page similar to the one shown below.

Find the Email Jumpstart "link" to the right of the article abstract and click on it.  A URL similar to the one shown appears in a box to either copy or email.  If you copy it, be sure you copy the entire link.


Creating Jumpstarts for Ovid Journal Articles

3.  Remove the "" from within the Jumpstart URL, if it is there.

4.  Place the EZproxy prefix in front of the resulting URL

Creating Journal Level Links in Journals @ Ovid

Go to this page on the Ovid website,

Scroll down to find the journal you want, right click on the linked journal name and copy it as shown below.

Paste it wherever you want.

If you are going to be using this link off-campus, be sure to include the proxy prefix, , in front of the link.

Journal Jumpstart (stable link)