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CORE 1000/SOC 1550: The Ignatian City

Resources for CORE1000 / SOC1550 : The Ignatian City

Peer-Reviewed Articles for CORE1000/SOC1550

You can use the links below to search by topic for peer-reviewed articles. These point to library databases that contain scholarly articles, many peer-reviewed.

Best Bets

Find It @ SLU

 Find It @ SLU

Look for the Find It @ SLU button to locate the full text of an article. If you don't see a link to a PDF for an article in your search results, the Find It @ SLU button will search the library's resources for a copy of the article. If it doesn't locate one, it will provide you with a link to place a request via Interlibrary Loan.


SLU Libraries Databases

Interested in exploring other sources? You can find other research databases from the library homepage. Click on the Databases tab. You can explore alphabetically, or using the "Doing Research On.." drop-down menu.


20 Minute Rule

Have you already spent 20 minutes searching & you feel like you're hitting a wall? Stop what you're doing and contact your librarian!

Research takes time. It's not unusual to spend hours and try many, many searches to find all the sources you need. But if you spend 20-30 minutes on your research & you're not finding anything remotely relevant, please stop & contact your librarian! I can help you develop search search strategy, and maybe choose another database more suited for your topic.