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NURS5205 Evidence Based Practice for the Advanced Generalist Nurse Spring 2024

Searching using the Evidence Synthesis Paper/Project Parameters

Select the four most pertinent research articles from the search for inclusion in your paper. You must include at least one systematic review and one practice guideline among your four articles.
Develop a PICO question 
Develop and perform a literature search for pertinent articles:
Databases used (provide rationale for why you used the databases you did; you can use more than 1)
Search terms (describe your searching technique in each database)
Limits applied (you should get your search retrieval to (<100 RESEARCH articles from within the last 10 years)
Search results obtained (include the search history printout with abstracts of the chosen articles as an appendix to your paper)
APA 7th edition Style Guide 

Searching using the Research Appraisal Assignment Parameters

Search CINAHL to find a research article on SLEEP that has been published in a core nursing journal in the last 5 years.

  • Article must feature a quantitative research study (not a review or systematic review).
  • Consider:
    • limiting to a specific clinical population by ANDing (children, adolescents, etc.)
    • limiting search to clinical trials and randomized controlled trials (under publication type in the CINAHL limits).

There are a number of excellent databases in which to find Evidence Based Practice articles.  In our first session for the Research Appraisal Assignment, we will focus on CINAHL.