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Library Liaison

Howdy 5300 Scholars!

This guide can help you to effectively and efficiently access the library collections and to find the resources and services for your research and to support your studies.

Use the blue menu buttons to review the points from class and to quickly access pertinent library resources.

I'm here to help!  The only silly question is the one that isn't asked.

Katy Smith, PhD, MILS


Our schedule:

  • 08/25 8-10 Pitfalls of open web, evaluation, searching strategies, specific searching in PubMed, CINAHL, Dynamed, Clinical Key; AMA citation
  • 09/08 9:15-10 Review of clinical query searches; Finding Images; Questions?
  • 09/29 8-10  Be there to help individual groups as they work on poster projects

Many objectives!  Main one--The SLU Libraries and Librarians are here to help!  Ask away!