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Education Law

Librarian-selected resources for researching law topics in education--specifically, finding cases by topic, parties, and citation. Useful for the specific courses of Law and Higher Education, Law and Ethics, School Law, and Advanced School Law.

Getting Started

Primary database for education law - LexisNexis Academic Version 2013.

  • Guides and Tutorials to LexisNexis Academic™ are available on the left-hand side of all pages under Video Tutorials and Research Guides
  • Features:  Search across state and Federal cases, print or download multiple cases at once, & Shepardize® most cases.  Use the State and Federal Cases Search Form
  • New to Version 2013
    • A suite of special search widgets on home page:  Search the News; Look up a Legal Case; Get Company Info
    • Check out the list and links to Landmark Cases under the Search by Subject or Topic box.

Click to Open Subject or Topic List

    • To Edit Search or run a New Search after searching, click the Edit Search or New Search link at the top of the search results page.   LexisNexis Navigation Bar
    • To return to the LexisNexis Academic main start page, click LexisNexis Academic logo.

How LexisNexis Academic is Organized

I.   Easy Search Widget - LexisNexis Academic home page - Use for Citations or Parties.

Law Search Widget - Home Page













Search by Subject or Topic dropdown provides list of subjects and topic to search.

Search Options Dropdown box

Look up a Legal Case search widget, Legal options, and Source Directory: Find or Browse each provide a different way to find cases and law review articles. The Source Directory also provides a way to locate information by Publication Type, News & Business Topics, Industry, or Area of Law

Browse Sources Options

II. Searching LexisNexis Academic - Using Legal

Legal search options under Search by Subject or Topic

Under Legal

A.  Select  Federal and State Cases

B.  Complete the Federal and State Cases Search form that appears 

1.  When entering terms, type one word or short phrases using "connectors":  AND, OR, W/5, W/P, W/S
     See LexisNexis Search Tips for explanation of connectors.

2.  To get to more options to limit a search such as Date, Segment, Court or State, click Advanced Options to see and select
     other options.

LexisNexis Advanced Options in Federal and States Cases Search Form

4.  For a list of all Segments in LexisNexis Academic, see the help article, Advanced Search: Build Your Own Search.

Note:  Searches are stopped at 3,000 results with the system displaying the most relevant 1,000 out of those 3,000. View them or narrow your search by Date or Court or do a Segment search.

III. Searching LexisNexis Academic by Area of Law - Browsing & Selecting Sources

To search by Area of Law, use SourceDirectory: Browse at top of screen to find and select the Sources to search as follows.

LexisNexis Browse Sources by Area of Law

1.  Select Area of Law to begin browsing law sources.  Other possibilities are Publication Type,
     News & Business Topics, and Industry.

2.    Filter by Country (United States) and Publication Type (Cases or Legal News)

3.    Select a Category (Education Law) from which to view and select sources.

4.    Check the box in front of the source(s) you want to include.  Click OK - Continue

5.    Enter search terms in box. Use Advanced Options to Select a date or date range

       Click Search

6.    To narrow your search, use the Search within results box in the upper right-hand corner.