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Medieval Church History

This guide identifies resources for the study of medieval church history found in Pius XII Memorial Library. The guide is intended for use by both beginning or advanced graduate students and faculty.

General Theological Encyclopedias/Dictionaries/Medieval

Baudrillart, Alfred, Albert Vogt and Urbain Rouzies, founding eds. Dictionnaire d'Histoire et de Geographie Ecclesiastiques. Paris: Letouzey et Ane, 1912- .
     Ref. BR95.C2

    Following the appearance of vol. 31 (covering Le Couëdic - Licayrac), Brepols took over the publication of this encyclopedia and adopted a new strategy.  Henceforth, future fascicles, instead of adhering to an alphabetical sequence may include articles revised from the earlier A - L volumes, new articles between A - L not previously included, and articles from M - Z. See Kepple, Reference Works, p. 132 (BA13); Johnston, Recent Reference Books, p.163f.

Bautz, Friedrich Wilhelm Bautz and Traugott Bautz, eds. Biographisch-Bibliographisches Kirchenlexikon. 31 vols. Verlag Traugott Bautz, 1975- .
     Ref. BR1700.2.B38 1975

      Available in print and online (some articles are missing from the online version.. "The ultimate who's who of Christianity assembles overwhelming bibliographies in an up-to-date format." (Johnston, Recent Reference Books, p. 80). See also Kepple, Reference Works, p. 132 (BA14).

Kasper, Walter et al, eds. Lexikon fur Theologie und Kirche. 3rd ed. 11 vols. Freiburg; Basel; Rome; Vienna: Herder, 1993-2001.
     Ref. BR95.L48 1993

     The third edition of the classic German Catholic theological encyclopedia. See Johnston, Reference Books, pp. 158-159.

Krause, Gerhard and Gerhard Muller, eds. Theologische Realenzyklopadie. 36 vols.  Berlin and New York: Walter de Gruyter, 1977- .
     Ref. BR95.T47

     See Kepple, Reference Works, p. 13 (C12); Johnston, Recent Reference Books, p. 74. Useful for its lengthy articles on persons and themes and excellent bibliographies.

Livingstone, E.A., ed. Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church. 3rd ed. rev.  Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2005.
     Ref. BR95.O8 2005

     A new edition of the standard one-volume reference work for church history. For information on the second edition, see Kepple, Reference Works, p. 131 (BA8); Johnston, Recent Reference Books, p. 72f.

Vacant, A, E. Mangenot and E. Amann, eds. Dictionnaire de Theologie Catholique. 15 vols. in 30. Paris: Letouzey et Ane, 1930-1950.
     Ref. BX841.D68

     See Johnston, Recent Reference Books, p. 163; McCabe, Critical Guide, p. 92f. (B185).

Viller, M., founding ed. et al. Dictionnaire de Spiritualite, Ascetique et Mystique, Doctrine et Histoire. 17 vols. Paris: Beauchesne, 1937-1995.
     Ref. BX841.D67
     See Johnston, Recent Reference Books, p. 132f.; McCabe, Critical Guide, p. 118f. (B316).