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Medieval Vernacular Literature: Dante

Library and Internet resources about medieval literature in European vernacular languages.




La Divina Commedia di Dante, Santa Maria del Fiore, Firenze, Domenico di Michelino, mid-1460s fresco

Critical Editions

Manuscripts and Facsimiles

Bodleian Library. Ms. Holkham misc 48, p. 28
Inferno, Canto XIX.
Virgil stands beside Dante, who listens to Nicholas III among the simonists.

Dante and Beatrice

British Library. Yates Thompson 36, f. 150
Paradiso, Canto XII.
Dante and Beatrice before Bonaventure, who is standing in the Heaven of the Sun, while on the right, Dominic is preaching to a group of heathens.