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This guide provides access to SLU Library research resources for SLU SPS LOD students.

Library and Other Resources on APA Citations

In addition to the sources below, check out SLU Librarian Jamie Emery's guide Style Guides & Manuals, including resources for APA, MLA, Chicago & more. Click here for more information about APA resources found in this guide. 


Helpful Websites on APA:

Helpful Ebooks on APA:

Citation Tutorials

The tutorials below give helpful information when using the APA citation format. 

Source: "APA 7th Edition: In-Text Citations" by OWLPurdue, written by Kaden Milliren, presented by Alyssa Fernandez

Source: "Set a Hanging Indent for APA References Page (or MLA Works Cited Page)" by Amy Lynn Hess | Associate Professor of English | Udemy



Plagiarism Prevention Tips

Is it plagiarism or not? Learn more at the SLU Academic Integrity Pages

Other Citation Management Options