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NURS_DNP/PhD School of Nursing Library Instruction Session Fall 2023

EBP Qualitative/Quantitative Research Article Critique

Finding a quantitative and qualitative research article to critique​

  • ​Perform search on your topic​

    • CINAHL:  Use Advanced Search Limit Research—this will include quantitative and qualitative research studies; it also will include systematic review articles.  Use hints below.

    • PubMed: Does not have a Limit for Research--Use hints below.

  • Quantitative Studies

    • check title and abstract:​

      • longitudinal case control ​

      • prospective randomized trial​

      • pre-test/post-test quantitative​

      • clinical trial retrospective​

      • cross-sectional cohort​

      • observational quasi-experimental​

    • add these terms as keywords to your topic search OR

    • CINAHL: use subject headings for quantitative studies: (MH "Experimental Studies+") OR (MH "Nonexperimental Studies+")​ OR

    • PubMed: use the Article Type filters (Clinical Study will retrieve interventional and observational studies)​

  • Qualitative Studies

    • check title and abstract:​

      • focus groups interviews 

      • themes thematic analysis

      • qualitative content analysis

      • video recordings​

    • add these keywords to your topic search OR

    • CINAHL: add subject heading (MH "Qualitative Studies+")​

    • PubMed: add the MeSH heading "Qualitative Research"[Mesh]