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Librarian-selected resources for chemistry.

SciFinder-n Description

SciFinder-n is our main chemistry database. You need to register first before being able to use.

SciFinder-n is the latest scientific information solution from CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society. In addition to reference, substance, reaction and supplier content, SciFinder-n includes relevance-ranked results, step-by-step procedures and protocols, citation mapping, sequence searching, retrosynthetic analysis, patent landscape mapping, touch-screen enabled structure drawing and much more. For search help, check out the SciFinder-n Training Materials or contact Megan Toups, STEM Librarian.

If you have been using the older SciFinder and need to migrate your saved answers and alerts to SciFinder-n, you can use this document to help you through the process.

Additional information about SciFinder-n can be found in this useful guide

Primary Databases and Journal Collections for Chemistry