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Art History

Art History Library Research Guide

Library Call Numbers

Pius Library uses the Library of Congress (LC) call number system to organize our physical materials. Most materials that focus on art are located in one specific area of the library, with a few exceptions. Here is a guide to understanding where certain materials are classified and located in the library.

N 0001-N 9999 Visual Arts in General   ●   Level 4, West
NA 0001-NA 9999 Architecture   ●  Level 4, West
NB 0001-NB 9999 Sculpture   ●  Level 4, West
NC 0001-NC 9999 Graphic Arts, Drawing, Design   ●  Level 4, West
ND 0001-ND 9999 Painting   ●  Level 4, West
NE 0001-NE 9999 Printmaking, Engraving   ●  Level 4, West
NK 0001-NK 9999 Decorative/Applied Arts   ●  Level 4, West
NX 0001-NX 9999 Arts in General   ●  Level 4, West
PN 1993-PN 1999.99  Motion Pictures   ●  Level 4, West
TP 785 - TP 869 Chemical Technology: Ceramics, Glass (art only)   ●  Level 5, East
TP 890-933 Chemical Technology: Textiles (art only)   ●  Level 5, East
TP 934-949 Chemical Technology: Paints. Pigments. Ink (art only)   ●  Level 5, East
TR 0001-TR 9999.99 Photography   ●  Level 5, East
TS 1-2301 Manufactures (Design, non-graphic design, art only)   ●  Level 5, East
TT 0001-TT 9999.99 Handicrafts, Arts & Crafts   ●  Level 5, East
Z 5931-Z 5941 Subject Bibliography: Fine Arts   ●  Level 5, East


Please note that some materials we have in the library that focus on art are too large to fit on a normal book shelf. These materials are placed in our Oversized section which is located on Level 5 on the East side.  If you see a location of Pius Oversize in the library catalog or SLUth, this is where those materials will be located.