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American Church History

This guide lists encyclopedia and bibliographic resources for the study of American church history, including both Catholicism and Protestant denominations.


Atwood, Craig, Frank S.Mead and Samuel S. Hill, revised by Craig D. Atwood. Handbook of Denominations in the United States. 13th ed. Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2010.
     Ref. BL2525.M425 2010

Newman, William M. and Peter L. Halvorson. Atlas of American Religion: The Denominational Era 1776 -1990. Walnut Creek, CA: Altamira Press, 2000.
     Ref. BR515.N49 1999

Schenck, Robert L., ed. Constitutions of American Denominations. 3 vols. Buffalo, NY: William S. Hein & Company, 1984.
     BR517.C66 1984

Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches. Annual. 2000-2012.
     BR513.Y4 (Current volume)
Volumes covering the years 1973-1999 may be requested from the Locust Street Facility.


Brackney, William Henry. The Baptists. New York, Westport, CT, London: Greenwood Press, 1988.
     Ref. BX6235.B628 1988

_____, ed. Baptist life and thought, 1600-1980: a source book . Valley Forge, PA: Judson Press, 1983.
     Ref. BX6211.B73 1999

Encyclopedia of Southern Baptists. 4 vols. Nashville, TN: Broadman Press, 1958.
     Ref. BX6211.E5 1958

Leonard, Bill J. Dictionary of Baptists in America. Downers Grove, IL: Intervarsity Press, 1994.
     Ref. BX6211.D53 1994

Southern Baptist Periodical Index. 1965-1984, 1987-2010..

Pdf files of the volumes for 1965-2000 are available online.


The Brethren Encyclopedia. 3 vols. Philadelphia, PA and Oak Brook, IL: The Brethren Encyclopedia Inc., 1983.
     Ref. BX7821.2.B74 1983


Ames, Charlotte, comp. Directory of Roman Catholic Newspapers on Microfilm: United States. Notre Dame, IN: University of Notre Dame, 1982.
     Pius Special Collections and Rare Books Z7837.5.U54 1982

Bransom, Charles N. Ordinations of U.S. Catholic Bishops 1790-1989. Washington, DC: United States Catholic Conference, 1990.
     Ref. BX1407.B57 B73 1990

Carey, Patrick W. Roman Catholics. Westport, CT and London: Greenwood Press, 1993.
     Ref. BX1406.2.C346 1993

Code, Joseph Bernard. Dictionary of the American Hierarchy (1789-1964). New York: Joseph F. Wagner, Inc., 1964.
     Ref. BX4670.C6 1964
Supplemented by American Bishops 1964-1970 by the same author (Ref. BX4666.C6 1970).

Culkin, Harry M. Guide to Current Catholic Diocesan Newspapers in Microform. 1979.
     Pius Special Collections and Rare Books Z7837.5.C84

Delaney, John J. Dictionary of American Catholic Biography. Garden City, NY: Doubleday &
Co., Inc., 1984.
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Ellis, John Tracy, ed. Documents of American Catholic History. 3 vols. Wilmington, DE: Michael Glazier, 1987.
     BX1405.D63 1987Ellis, John Tracy and Robert Trisco. A Guide to American Catholic History. 2nd ed., rev. and enlarged. Santa Barbara, CA and Oxford, England: ABC-Clio, 1982.
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Glazier, Michael and Thomas J. Shelley, eds. The Encyclopedia of American Catholic History. Collegeville, MN: The Liturgical Press, 1997.
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Liederbach, Clarence A. America’s Thousand Bishops from 1513 to 1974...from Abramowicz to Zuroweste. Cleveland: Dillon/Liederbach, Inc., 1974.
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Lonsway, Jesse W. and Aaron Pembleton. The Episcopal Lineage of the Hierarchy in the United States: Revised 1790-1963. Cincinnati, OH: The Episcopal Lineage, 1963.
     Ref. BX4670.L63

Matochik, Michael J., ed. Pamphlets in American History Group IV: A Bibliographic Guide to the Microform Collection. Sanford, NC: Microfilming Corporation of America, 1983.
     Pius Microform Ref. BX1405.P35 1983
pp. 1-79 are a bibliographic guide to 1,340 pamphlets on 1,504 microfiche (which Pius Library owns) on "Catholicism and Anti-Catholicism."

Nolan, Hugh J., ed. Pastoral Letters of the United States Catholic Bishops. Washington, D.C.: United States Catholic Conference, 1983- .
     Ref. BX874.A2 C37 1983
A six-volume compendium of official ecclesiastical pronouncements from 1792 to 1997.

Reuss, Francis X. Biographical Cyclopaedia of the Catholic Hierarchy of the United States 1984-1898. Milwaukee: M.H. Wiltzius & Co. 1898.
     Ref. BX4670.R74 and Online

Talmage, John Philip. Marquette University Index: Three Decades of Documents. Indexes to the Publications and Documents Published or Distributed by the United States Catholic Conference, the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, the National Catholic Welfare Conference, and from other sources in the period 1960-1990. Marquette University, 1991.
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Tomasi, Silvano M. and Edward C. Stibili. Italian Americans and Religion: An Annotated Bibliography. 2nd ed. New York: Center for Migration Studies, 1992.
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Vollmar, S.J., Edward R. The Catholic Church in America: An Historical Bibliography. New York: The Scarecrow Press, Inc., 1963.
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Church of Christ (Campbell-Stone Movement

Galbraith, Leslie R.  The Disciples and American Culture: A Bibliography of Works by Disciples of Christ Members 1866-1984.  Metuchen, NJ:     Scarecrow Press, 1990.  BX7321.2 G35 1990.

Restoration Serials Index. 1978- . Online


Youngs, J. William T. The Congregationalists. New York, Westport, CT, London: Greenwood Press, 1990.
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Bodensieck, Julius, ed. The Encyclopedia of the Lutheran Church. 3 vols. Minneapolis, MN: Augsburg Publishing House, 1965.
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Wiederaenders, Robert C., ed. Historical Guide to Lutheran Church Bodies of North America. 2nd ed. St. Louis, MO: Lutheran Historical Conference, 1998.
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The Mennonite Encyclopedia: A Comprehensive Reference Work on the Anabaptist-Mennonite Movement. 5 vols. Hillsboro, KS: Mennonite Brethren Publishing House, 1955.
     Ref. BX8106.M37


Batsel, John D. And Lyda K. Bastel, comp. Union List of United Methodist Serials 1773-1973. Ephrata, PA: Science Press, Inc., 1974.
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Harmon, Nolan B., general editor. The Encyclopedia of World Methodism. 2 vols. Nashville, TN: The United Methodist Publishing House, 1975.
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_____, comp. and ed. United Methodist Studies: Basic Bibliographies. 3rd ed. Nashville: Abingdon Press, 1992.
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Yrigoyen, Jr., Charles and Susan E. Warrick, eds. Historical Dictionary of Methodism. 2nd ed.  Lanham, MD and London: The Scarecrow Press, Ltd., 2005.
     Ref. BX8211.H57 2005
"Seeks to give basic information about some of the important personalities, ideas, events, and locations in the origin and development of Methodism [from the Preface]." The focus is primarily on North American Methodism but British Methodism is covered also.


Bitton, Davis. Historical Dictionary of Mormonism. Metuchen, NJ; London: The Scarecrow Press, Inc., 1994.
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Fitzgerald, Thomas. The Orthodox Church. Westport, CT and London: Greenwood Press, 1995.
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     Ref. BX9415.B46 1999

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Prince, Harold B., comp. and ed. A Presbyterian Bibliography: The Published Writings of Ministers Who Served in the Presbyterian Church in the United States During Its First Hundred Years, 1861-1961, and Their Locations in Eight SignificantTheological Collections in the U.S.A. Metuchen, NJ and London: The Scarecrow Press, Inc. and The American Theological Library Association, 1983.
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Witherspoon, E.D., comp. Ministerial Directory of the Presbyterian Church, U.S. 1861-1967. Doraville, GA: Foote & Davis, 1967.
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Seventh-Day Adventist

Bjorling, Joel. The Churches of God, Seventh Day: A Bibliography. New York and London: Garland Publishing, Inc., 1987.
     BX6126.B59 1987

Neufeld, Don F. et al, eds. Seventh-Day Adventist Encyclopedia. Washington, DC: Review and Herald Publishing Association, 1966.
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Seventh-Day Adventist Periodical Index. 1971- .


The A to Z of the Shakers.  Online.  Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 2009.


Harris, Mark W., ed.  Historical Dictionary of Unitarian Universalism.  Lanham, MD:  Scarecrow Press, 2004.. Ref. BX9809.H37 2004

Robinson, David. The Unitarians and the Universalists. Westport, CT and London: Greenwood Press, 1985.  
     Ref. BX9833.R63 1985